Awesome Features

Easy Setup

We’ll detect your iOS, Android, Cordova and Ionic project configurations from your repository. You don’t have to worry about tedious setup, Greenhouse does it for you. Automatically build your project for every push. Keep a detailed history of all your builds including build- and changelogs.

Hosted Builds

We know that your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it on setting up a build environment. We’ve all been there and we know how it feels to maintain a dedicated build server and constantly edit pages of configurations. That’s why Greenhouse takes care of hosting for you using a cloud-based continuous integration server for Android, iOS, Cordova and Ionic that has been configured to suit your needs.


Your privacy is really important to us. Our hosted builds are sandboxed and your project source code is immediately deleted from our machines after a build finishes. Your signing keys, passwords and other sensitive data is stored encrypted using state-of-the-art cryptography.

Automated Testing

We run your tests on virtual devices with support for the following testing frameworks: XCTests, KIF, Espresso, Robotium, Robolectric and Appium. You can see a detailed overview of all test runs and get instant notifications when a build or test fails.

Build Distribution

All built applications can be downloaded directly from the Greenhouse website and via email so that your team has instant access to the latest app versions. Furthermore, you can easily link your builds to iTunes Connect, HockeyApp and Crashlytics Beta if you are already using them.

Supported Platforms

Greenhouse supports building Android, iOS, Cordova and Ionic apps. For Android we support Gradle projects, for iOS, we support Xcode build system with full Cocoapods integration.


What Clients Say About Us

Andrei Pop

Easy & Fast to Integrate

Given we are a fairly small team I needed a service that would take away the time needed to set up and maintain a Jenkins CI and just work out of the box. I’ve tried others services in the process and none of them worked out of the box.

Andrei Pop, Thunderhead

Eric Smith

Great Customer Support

Greenhouse gives us the ability to easily integrate with third party distribution platforms such as HockeyApp and Crashlytics, providing a seamless pipeline of available builds for QA testing. It's a simple, easy to use, and cost effective CI platform with great customer support.

Erik Smith, Kindara


Easy, Secure & Reliable

The Greenhouse team has a very professional approach to customers giving fast responses to questions. Their continuous integration service is easy, handy, secure and reliable and helps us perform better in our development.

Dmitry Khotyanovich, Liquidspace


Greatest Customer Support

GreenhouseCI eases our process in developing hybrid mobile applications with cordova/ionic. It is easy to setup and doesn't need much configuration. We managed to build a continuous delivery pipeline for our hybrid apps in a few days. Also the customer support is the greatest I have ever seen. Got a problem or feature requests? They're always listening and have a solution!

Umut Topuzoğlu, GROB-Net⁴Industry